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Ottawa Slashers Get-Together

Ottawa Slashers
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Ottawa slashers meet-up
A community of mainly female Slashers living in the Ottawa area.

Generally, we meet the first Sunday of the month for brunch at 11:00 am. Location and time of meet-ups will be posted on the community. If you are interested in meeting up please leave a comment so hostess can make reservations.

Please introduce yourself before showing up for a meeting. It doesn't have to be much, just a comment on the monthly reminder saying you're new and you'll be there, if only so we can watch out for you and wave you over when you show up at the restaurant.

If you live in Montreal and are looking for something similar, check out montreal_fandom.


1. Respect each others privacy.

2. Don't give out more information than you are comfortable with.

3. When planning events, be clear on any age restrictions eg., the legal age for drinking, etc.

4. Please respect each others fandoms, keep spoiler free, and het/gen is allowed.

5. All those who join enter into a 'social contract' to provide a respectful space for all members to interact, share our love of fandom and slash.

9. Edited: Jan 2010. Please note from here on end we have a no-pet policy. Please refrain from bringing one's pet to a public establishment (restaurant/bar/theater) or to member's house (unless you have permission from the owner of the home).

Have fun!